A highly skilled clinical psychologist, I have been practicing since 1982 in a variety of settings, working with individuals, couples, adolescents, supervision situations and organisations, in both private practice and community-based and not-for-profit organisations and services.

This includes working with youth offenders, at-risk adolescents, prisoner rehabilitation, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual abuse and student counselling.  Through my general private practice I specialise in trauma and recovery, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, depression, anxiety and pain management.

Having worked with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, I have the ability to create a supportive, compassionate and non-intimidating environment in which an individual is encouraged to be an active participant in their journey towards achieving emotional well-being, sustainable relationships and balanced lifestyle management.

 A knowledgeable, understanding and creative approach offers pragmatic tools and guidance for a range of concerns, including:


• Mood Disorders
• Depression, Anxiety and Distress
• Addictions
• Relationship Issues
• Sexual abuse assessment and treatment
• Pain management
• Workplace issues and conflict dynamics
• Life path and career issues
• Stress, emotional health and well-being
• Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
• Grief

“Lisa, you have shown me how to believe in myself again. The skills you have given me have changed my life in the past year and I know I will continue to grow with them”

Testimonial - Karlene (Rodney)



Through the integrated use of complementary techniques suited specifically to the requirements of the individual I assist clients to make positive change, gain clarity, focus and insight, develop emotional resilience and overcome personal challenges.

These competencies include evidence-based techniques to facilitate healing and growth, including:


• Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
• Acceptance and Commitment Therapies
• Mindfulness Based Therapies
• Dialectical Behaviour Therapies
• Affect Regulation Therapy
• Trauma Focused Therapies
• Hypnosis and Relaxation
• Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

“I work collaboratively and holistically with each client, using techniques specifically suited to the individual’s needs to empower the client and their families/whanau.”

Lisa Cohen

I miss my Wednesdays with Lisa. She is colorful and wonderful to be in the room with. Sometimes it happens that a person's comments can trigger something from my past no matter how sober I am. Where do these comments take me to; Not good enough, Smart enough, Not coping in a social situation ? (I believe I was a victim for years) When this happens I have learnt to sit with it and find my inner strength which brings me back to feeling peaceful. A phrase I love: Fear knocked at the door and Faith opened it PRAY ! I am 75 and I would recommend Lisa to anyone needing help. My visits depending on me, could end in love and laughter

Testimonial - Judy Auckland


I have always worked holistically with mindfulness, compassion and acceptance, recognising that if a person is going to heal and make changes we need to work on all levels, seeing the person as a whole being. Change will only happen if it is at a deep level and meaningful to the person. My holistic approach allows me to truly connect with an individual and to tailor focused, meaningful strategies for change that resonate with their personal situation or goals.


I am grateful that in my early years as a psychologist I looked for options to work with people whose lives had been shattered by violence, trauma, abuse and addictions, women in prison, adolescent girls in Social Welfare care, street workers of all ages and heroin addicts, violent offenders and those who have been offended against. I have worked with the penniless and with millionaires, with academics and with the semi-literate but still highly intelligent. This wealth and richness of experience helps me grasp complexity, assess individual circumstances and find a path to formulate treatment.

Whether co-running a half-way house for women released from prison, or working in Residential Social Welfare Care; whether with Refuges or with the Company Director; my contribution is to find the most effective strategies to support, educate and consolidate emotional health, confidence and compassion for self and others.

For more information see the Therapies page or contact Lisa to arrange an appointment. During your first session we will complete an assessment so that we can both determine how we can best work together to achieve your goals. I look forward to meeting you.

• Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) ( New Zealand) (BA)
• Master of Social Science in Psychology (New Zealand)  (MSocSc)
• Certified Somatic Therapist (Australia)
• ACC-registered for Sexual Abuse Therapy, Mental Injury from Physical Injury.
I am committed to developing my knowledge and skills through attending workshops and peer discussions. My Professional Affiliations include:

• Member of the New Zealand Institute of Clinical Psychologists
• Registered with New Zealand Psychologists Board
• Member of the New Zealand Psychological Society
• Certified Somatic Psychotherapist
• Professional Member of Association for Contextual Behavioural Science