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We are still available to do psychological services during the Covid-19 alert periods.
Please call 09 427 6559 to discuss making an appointment.
About Lisa
Professional Services
Typical Therapies

Welcome to Lisa Cohen Psychology managing anxiety/depression and feelings

How’s life? Where is it taking you? And where are you taking it?

Each of us is on a journey. It’s a journey to emotional well-being, to satisfying relationships, and to fulfilment.

Your journey is from where you are, to where you want to be. It’s a journey only you can take.
I count it a privilege to join you for part of that journey.

My contribution is to listen – so that you are properly heard;  and to ask – so that the story is fully told;  and to explore – so that I understand;  and to educate – so that you understand;  and to illustrate – so that you have hope;  and to challenge – because the journey is yours, not mine;  and to encourage – so that you are confident to move ahead.

Where are you now? Where would you like to be?

Pick a challenge (below) that you face today; and let me suggest what you can look for tomorrow.

Eating Disorders